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Kokola Rainforest Beach Retreat is located in Kokola Plantation of west coast of Namatanai District, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. From Kavieng airport it's about 300km drive to the plantation heading it will take 3 to 4 hours' drive. And Takua airport is about 37nautical mile and it will take 2.5 hours 40hp dingy boat ride to the plantation and by larger boat cruiser will take 1 hour 15 minutes

Kokola Rainforest Beach Retreat is a beach front plantation and with rivers flowing throughout the retreat area and vast rain forest with coconut and cocoa plantation from colonial German time occupied from late 1800 to 1918.

Kokola Plantation is wrapped around with a beautiful mountain in the background from the beach area going through the plantation, with its magnificent coconut & cocoa trees and its terrain gradually moving up higher to the mountain base which goes up to more than 1,200 feet high, and the mountain is climbable as it has terraces on the edge, as it goes up higher you will see the beautiful thousand year old hardwood trees of the vast rain forest.

This type of terrain gives the plantation retreat a cool breeze when the wind is coming from the mountain and morning and afternoon mist comes down and it creates mountain dew early hour of the morning.

There are more than 4 under water springs that springs out to the top making beautiful running streams, and the mountain water is real spring water full of mineral and goodness to refresh your thirst without any chemical needed to purify it, and is absolutely delicious to drink the water from the rivers that run throughout the Plantation.

There are five major bays within the beach on the Plantation along the west coast sprawling along ten and half kilometres on the beach every bay has its own character, there transport jetty 35 meters long with gazebo on the end of it, and ship ramp across the bay with and old jetty still standing from the German colonial time

You can go for a bush walking, mountain climbing , bird watching, nature wondering make sure bring a towel if you want to have a wash in one of the many waterfall and rivers that are sprawled all around the rainforest .

Kokola Rainforest Beach Retreat will develop a range of touristic services targeting the two segment of upmarket Bali type of single bedroom and two bedroom and queen size presidential villas, all with big balconies and French doors and with main entrance villa for arrival, all villas are high pitched roof with solid Tropical hard wood timber buildings and solid timber shingle roof; with stone and marble tiles to keep the villas cool all year round, there is also celling fan on all the villas.

The other type of villas will be made by local materials hard wood and bamboo to represent PNG village style buildings; they will consist of single and double rooms with decked balconies made of coconut flooring and grass roof tops, to represent idyllic Melanesian architecture. The leading idea is to develop a unique hospitality concept, with the first segment we are offering and targeting the upper and medium jet set that will see the real nature, rainforest with pristine beaches.                                     

Such concept has been developed in some resorts of the Caribbean Sea and the Bahamas in the pacific, they represent the usual luxury resorts which are still bound with white sand thatch roof and Coconut trees cliché and attracts well off upper middle tourists this is precisely what Kokola Rainforest Beach Retreat will avoid.

Lot of these tourist places don't have natural rainforest shade of the rain forest trees or natural crystal clear running stream to quench their thirst or to wash and bath in waterfalls.

Taking advantage of the pristine environment that Kokola rain forest retreat it will be offered to all types of tourist of different price range wright down to backpackers and will be the first of its class in the western Pacific.

Our tourist will be offered excellent choice of architecture villas with compiling environment with fresh dinning in the three restaurants we will be offering seafood, Mediterranean, and wood oven Italian cuisine ,and there will be a" CAVE BAR " a part of volcanic rock that was spat out as rock and lava million years ago sit wright on the beach and its shaped like big vast cave ,it will be decked out from coconut tree timber overlooking the vast north end beach retreat and especially at sunset time.

Fresh produce is grown every day our local fishermen bring fresh fish and sea food like Prawns, Balmain Bugs, cray fish, mud crabs, sea urchin and rock oyster straight from the ocean to your plate.

With organically grown vegetable, herbs, spices and variety of tropical fruits straight from our plantation, to top it up all the Kulau (young coconut) water you can drink with our home made cocoa (Chocolate) also grown in our plantation.

Our Moto for our visitors is to connect with nature as it will be all around you and to experience connection with local villages that you visit and see how they live utilising the rainforest for thousands of years to live and maintain there culture and there way of living till now . We want you to be leaving totally satisfied and who will look beyond the blue pristine waters and to come back again and again as you will be drawn to the real virgin forest nature like magnet.

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We want you to be leaving totally satisfied and who will look beyond the blue pristine waters and to come back again and again as you will be drawn to the real virgin forest nature like magnet.

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